Planning a Camp?

Planning a camp can be a daunting task.  To assist those with the role of organising a camp, we have created the following resources for you to download.


  • Campialba Camp Organiser's Handbook : Useful for all those planning a camp at Campialba.  See sample programs, get a sense of the timeline for planning a camp, find out about the dining room routine at Campialba, and much more.

  • Plan of Campialba Site : Plan your activities.  See how many beds are in which rooms.

  • Standard Conditions of Hire (Updated Oct 2020)  These apply to all bookings.

  • Final Numbers Form for you to complete and return to Campialba 7 days prior to camp.  We will email you to remind you about this.

  • Be Prepared sheet to share with your campers just before camp.  You can modify this document as you wish.

  • Your Stay at Campialba - a graphical summary of our mains terms and conditions to share with your guests.

  • COVID-19 Updates can be found on our COVID Update page.

Food Safety

Other Useful Resources

If your group needs help with creating an online registration form for your camp, please don't hesitate to ask.