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Food Requirements

At Campialba we want you to enjoy your stay.  We don't want anybody becoming sick due to food allergies.  We also need to manage a long and sometimes complex list of food requests within our budget and kitchen limitations.

We have recently changed the way we handle special food requests.  The change has been brought on to help ensure that guests with genuine allergies are given the right help, and to ensure Campialba staff are not preparing food which isn't needed.

What will we do?

After we receive your request, we make a decision about whether we are able to supply what you have requested or whether we supply you with information to help you make informed decisions or supplement your diet whilst you are with us.

We can supply food which doesn’t contain wheat (and gluten), milk, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts. In addition to this, Campialba can cater for people who don't wish to eat meat.  For almost all other dietary requests, we will supply you with information to help you manage or supplement your own diet.

Our kitchen equipment processes food containing a range of allergens.  We make every effort to avoid cross contamination between foods.  This is done using commercial cleaning equipment, regularly cleaning benches, etc.  However, there is a chance that trace amounts of allergens may be present.

To see how we manage food allergies, please visit our Food Requirements Information Page which is a PDF document summarising how we handle special food requests.

If there is any doubt or any questions about this, please contact us by phone to discuss.

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