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Something's Wrong ... Can anybody save me?



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Missed Session 1?  Catch up on Youtube

Missed Session 2?  Catch up on Youtube

SESSION 3:  7:30 p.m. (AEST Brisbane Time) Thurs 11th March, 2021

Who Can Save Me?

Can anybody save me?  Can I save myself?  What if I'm happy with the way things are?  The answers to some of these questions could save your life.

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Presenter:  The sessions will be presented by Terrence McCorkell.  Terrence is the Manager at Campialba.  He has a background as a secondary school Maths and language teacher.  Most importantly, Terrence enjoys sharing the Good news of the Bible with people.

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One of Campialba's key reason for existing is to help people by connecting them directly with the Bible's message of hope.  This three-part presentation is designed to explain the very simple yet powerful and exciting news that there's more to life than what you can see, hear and touch.  There's more to life than your bank balance or retirement plan.  

The sessions are in plain English and free of religious terminology.  It's a "back-to-square-one" kind of presentation with no assumptions made about your knowledge of the world or the Bible.  There's no need to register.  We won't ask for your contact details.  There's nothing to pay and nothing to buy.  The sessions will be presented online.  Each lasts for about 40 mins and is followed by Question Time.

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