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Campialba Holiday Camps - Parental Agreements and Expectations of Campers.

When parents register their children for Campialba holiday camps, they do so on the basis that Campialba takes the responsibility for caring for the child(ren) during the camp.  Campialba has some specific expectations about children's behaviour while they are at camp.


As parent/guardian of my child, I acknowledge that I wish for them to attend this camp.  I understand that the leaders of the camp will exercise all possible care but will not be liable for any injury or damage to person or property in situations outside of their control.  I authorise camp leaders to obtain medical attention if required, at my expense if necessary, and to notify me as soon as possible.  I acknowledge that registration information will be kept on file for use only by Campialba. I understand the leaders will share teaching from the Bible about the Christian Faith during the camp.


I understand that campers are NOT permitted to have mobile phones or any internet-enabled device at camp.  If they require a phone following camp, I will hand it in during the sign-in at the start of camp.  I understand that if my child is found to have such a device during camp I will be asked to take my child home from camp.  Any necessary calls between home and campers during camp will be made through the camp phone.


I support the expectation that my child is to behave in an appropriate manner at all times.  This means following directions of leaders.  I agree that my child attends camp on the basis they are not behaving in a way which puts the camp, camp program, campers, other people or property at risk.  Campers who pose this kind of risk may be excluded from camp.


It is disruptive to take campers and leaders out of the programmed activities to manage phone calls from home.  I agree only to call to speak to my child in circumstances which are genuinely necessary.   Any incoming calls which are not time-critical will be managed through a call-back following the next meal time.  I also understand for the safety of campers and good order of the camp, Campialba does not allow visitation from adults during camp unless necessary and by prior arrangement with Campialba staff.  Any approved adult visitors to the site will be required to complete the Campialba check-in process.

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