COVID-19 Update


  • We are also following the advice of the Queensland Governments Department of Health (Queensland Health).

Campialba is conscientiously observing the requirements of the COVID-Safety measures including fulfilling relevant checklists for dining and putting in place the appropriate measures for the management of the health of all guests and staff.  This includes:

  • Staff undertaking relevant training

  • Arrangement of our dining facilities to comply with relevant requirements.

  • Adjustment to procedures and signage.

  • Adjustment to our cleaning and sanitising routines.

  • Additional record keeping.​

  • Requiring guests to sign in with the Check In Qld App.

This information sheet is available to all guests just to keep people fresh with what they need to do when the come to Campialba.


 We can take our normal number of visitors and will make procedural arrangements to comply with any space requirements under COVID regulations.


You can still do all the things you used to do at Campialba.  Some spaces may have adjusted maximum numbers permitted, but nothing is closed.  You can use the outdoor play areas, the indoor ball courts, the pool room, upstairs meeting room and dining areas.


... somebody is unwell at the time of the booking?  Please stay home if you are unwell.  This is safest for you and everybody else.

... somebody becomes unwell whilst on camp?  We will be allocating a room especially for the possibility of self-isolation if required.

... restrictions return to Queensland and make our booking unviable?  Just call us to discuss this as soon as soon as you know about it.

If you would like to discuss any camp bookings, please feel free to get in touch.  We are ready to take your bookings.

For general advice about COVID19 restrictions in Queensland, visit

Last updated 5/7/2020